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My latest novel THE DEPICTION is complete! Read the first chapter online!
About Me

Lamar Cook was born and raised in the small, southern town of Gadsden, Alabama. He is Vice President of Project Acquisitions with World Motion Pictures. He is married to Sheila Hopper Cook.

I am an avid movie buff with special interest in science fiction. My favorite movies include, Armageddon, Independence day, Spartacus, Raiders of the Lost Ark and many Science Fiction and Action Adventure movies. You can't forget the George M. Cohen story...a true classic if there ever was one. Then again, I could fill page after page of my favorite movies.

Favorite directors are Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg. I must say I am in "awe" of Quentin Tarantino. The man is a genius.

Favorite book is THE FIRM by John Grisham. Yes there are many other great books but The Firm was the first book I read that inspired me to do the impossible...write my own novel.

Favorite Author is Stephen King (I consider him the greatest author of our generation). Screenplays I think there are few that can match Quentin Tarantino or James Cameron. there was a reason that Terminator and Alien were so successful...the writing. It all begins with the story.

He is currently working on his next novel entitled, THE JOURNEY OF LIFE. Update: I have finished The Journey of Life. I've also completed what I consider my best work... a screenplay titled Depiction.

Favorite Quote: In life, you get back what you give out.



This is me

Lamar Cook

Look Out!
Don't let this picture scare you...this was actually one of my better days.

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