Chapter 1

The darkness

    Long ago, the prophets said that a man would come who would be pure evil and would deceive the world.  He would be known as the Great Deceiver.  Down through the vastness of time, mankind forgot the words of the prophets.  As the world had moved up the evolutionary ladder, the stories of the Great deceiver had diminished to become nothing more than fables.  They became the stories that the old would tell their young at night, in order to keep them in line.  In time, no one believed them to be true.

      If you are reading this book, you have survived the worst evil the world has ever known.  No longer do we wonder about the mysteries of the universe.  No longer do we wonder if we are alone.  Blackness and darkness now cover the earth. Screams of the young and the old now ring in the night as a whale’s song in the seas. Mankind reached for the stars and was given the gift of life, but there was a price to pay – a huge price. The innocence of mankind was gone. But I remember another time.  A time before the coming of evil. Those days were long and the nights were short. Children played in the streets and everyone went about their everyday lives. In hindsight, the petty differences of the world pale when compared to the agony of today. I remember a time when much of the world was full of joy and love, and many were blessed with good health and enormous wealth. Everyone was happy and enjoying the most prosperous time in mankind’s history.  The stock market broke new records almost daily. Businesses were expanding beyond anything imaginable. Every person who wanted to work had a job.  No person on earth was hungry or without shelter. Poverty was all but a distant memory. Technology had carried us onwards until we were reaching for the stars.

      Our world should have been perfect. We should have looked for wisdom, but instead we looked for an easy way out. As with all things, there was a price to pay, an enormous price. But how could we have known better? How could we have known that we were being deceived?

      In the darkness of night I reflect on such thoughts. What more could I have done?  What more could any one man have done to halt the greatest evil the world had ever known?

      My dear Ann.  My dearest Ann.  I love you.



The Search
The Search was my first novel and set me on this path of being a writer.

I wrote a screenplay based on The Search. Capernam is available upon request. Just drop me an email if you are interested in reading the spec.

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