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Be sure to watch the three minute video I made about The Journey of Life!!!!!!



The Journey of Life

A Novel by L. W. Cook

The story of love and friendship that would last a lifetime and change Hollywood forever.

Click here to Watch video I made about The Journey of Life

Note from the author: The Journey of Life is a novel that I was compelled to write. It is without a doubt a story that I felt I had to tell. If for no other reason, I wrote this book for myself. This is a book about friendship, a special friendship that lasts a lifetime. I think you will enjoy this book and the Journey taken by the two main characters . You will laugh and cry and maybe along the way you will remember a friend you once knew.



The Journey of life is the story of Chance Williams and Brad Haskins. It is an epic novel that takes you on the journey of two best friends. After his parents die, Chance was forced to live in foster homes. Raised a poor white orphan he gave up himself in his imagination and became a gifted writer.

Brad Haskins was raised in an upper middle class home. He is wild and reckless and the son of a prominent black city counsel member.

Chance is white and Brad is black. Living in a small southern town, a white boy and a black boy aren't supposed to be best friends, much less a rich black boy and a poor white orphan. The two friends would find strength in each other. This strength would allow them to be the most successful team Hollywood had ever seen.

THE JOURNEY of LIFE takes you on the journey of Brad and Chance as they go from a small southern town to become rich and famous. Experiencing a lifetime of love, happiness, sorrow and pain, you will live their lives from their teenage years until they die,  It is a story you will not soon forget.





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The Journey of life is complete.

You are welcome to read the first chapter by clicking the link below.

Chapter 1


I have adapted THE  JOURNEY OF LIFE into a screenplay. The title of the spec is


Screenplay is available upon request


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